Awards + CHRD Organizing Committee

2021 Awards Committee

We are thankful for the diligence and dedication that all of the members of the Organizing Committee, Poster Judges and Abstract Adjudicators have provided to make this year’s conference an exciting and educational experience for all attendees.

CHRD Organizing Committee | Terry Klassen, Chair

Allison Dart
Vern Dolinsky
Andrew Halayko
Grant Hatch
Erin Hill
Savanna Lubimiv
Meaghan Jones
Lily Lim
Debbie Maslowsky
Stephanie Matthews
Chelsea Bowkett
Jon McGavock
Jennifer Protudjer
Chris Pascoe
Florencia Ricci
Nichola Wigle
Jeff Wilson
Kristy Wittmeier
Jeffrey Wigle

Poster Judges

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Abstract Adjudicators

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